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Short Description:

CAS: 1022150-12-4


MF: C22H22N6O

MW: 386.45

EINECS: 200-001-8

Product Categories: Ibrutinib; Intermediates

Product Detail

Product Tags


2-Propenamide, N-[4-[(3-chloro-4-fluorophenyl)amino]-7-[3-methyl-3-(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)





Ibrutinib intermeidate N-1


ibrutinib N-1

(R)-3-(p-fluorophenyl)butanoic acid

Ibrutinib (PCI-32765) Intermediates

Btk inhibitor 1 (R enantioMer)

Chemical Properties

Boiling point: 626.3±55.0 °C(Predicted)

Density: 1.39±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)

storage temp.: Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,2-8°C

pka: 9.00±0.10(Predicted)

Hazard identification

1 Classification of the substance or mixture

no data available

2 GHS label elements, including precautionary statements

Pictogram(s) no data available
Signal word no data available
Hazard statement(s) no data available
Precautionary statement(s)
Prevention no data available
Response no data available
Storage no data available
Disposal no data available

3 Other hazards which do not result in classification

no data available

Chemical Specifications

Physical Form: white to yellow solid

Identification (By HPLC) Corresponds

Purity(by HPLC): 97%

Water (KF): ≤0.5%

Shipping temperature: room temperature

Country of origin: China

Our Advantages

1 Our product is manufactured in the dedicated plant which is ISO9001:2015 Certified.

2 Your inquiry will be replied within 24hours. There’s no holiday sea exception.

3 You can ask a video tour at our factory.

4 Product quality can be designed as your requirements.

Our advantages

1: Our factory realized the big commercialized manufacturing since year 2012, Yearly sales amount reached more than 20tons.
2 It has been the qualified supplier for patent drug company of Ibrutinib.
3 Product quality is super: Assay: 97.0%-103.0%
Chemical purity (GC area): ﹦ 99.0%
Any Unspecified impurity﹤ ﹦ 0.08%
Chiral purity(HPLC area): ﹥ ﹦ 99.5%
4 It is made by Chemical Resolution method.
5 All of the testing methods are validated.
6 One dedicated workshop for making it.

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