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Boc-D-Arg-OH HCl .H2O

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Protected Amino Acids  (25)

CAS: 204070-00-8, 113712-06-4

Molecular Formular: C11H25ClN4O5

Molecular Weight: 328.79

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Appearance: White to off-white powder
Infrared: Conforms To Reference
Nuclear magnetic by 1H-NMR: Consistent with structure
Specific Rotation[α]20/D: -8.0°±2.0°(C=1,H2O)
Solubility: 0.3g dissolve in 2mL DMF, the solution was clear and colorless
Purity by HPLC: ≥98.0%
Water Content(KF): ≤6.5%

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