Welcom to Sichuan Hengkang Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

HengKang’s ability to back integrate your projects helps to lower your overall cost and provide you a stable, reliable supply chain as a reputable manufacturing partner with two sites.

We HengKang team can take your project from early phase development to scale-up and commercial manufacturing. With all the talent workers who has over 10years of working experience in the industry, your projects can get the service and attention it needs to succeed.

Hengkang can offer you a fair quote with realistic timelines. We offer you a sample together with the service include:
~ Process Validation
~ Analytical Validation
~ Production verification
~ Cleaning verification
~ Stability study
~ Quality review
~ Pre-clinical to Phasee I, II, III delivery of material (grams to kilos)
~ Commercial Manufacturing from kilos to metric tons
~ Regulatory support including QA/QC

Features of the kilo lab include:
- 1,100 square feet, 5 walk-in hoods;
- 20-50L Glass Reactors with heating and cooling sources;
- 20-30L Rotary evaporators;

Featured Reactions :
- Carbonylation
- Hydrogenation
- Amination
- Nitration
- Diazotization
- Grignard Reagents generation and reactions

Custom Manufacturing (3)
Custom Manufacturing (4)
Custom Manufacturing (5)