Welcom to Sichuan Hengkang Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
I have send an inquiry email to your company, when shall I get reply ?

In most cases, we will respond within one business day. If there’s no reply within this time please resend your inquiry or call us directly: 86-15008222507

If the product that I am looking for is not listed on this website, Can I get a quote?

Sure, we can do customer synthesize projects.

If I place an order, when we expected to get it ?

That depends:

A: The product is in stock, We can send it immediately out of our factory.

B: It is our matured project, only short of stock sometime, The stock can be ready within 3-4weeks.

C: It is belong to R&D stage project, it may take 4-6days to finished the commercialized quantity.

D: If you require additional information on specific products, you may contact our Customer Service department at hk555@hengkangtech.com

What is the shipping method you use ?

Mostly we send it by fedex , DHL or Air. If the quantity is big we can send it by sea also.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, Contact with the sales that serves you for the detailed return process.

Can we get the relevant documentation support?

Sure, according to your requirements, we have the professional documentation support team.

Do you accept audit?

Yes, we accept online audit and site audit.

What is the quality system your factory working at?

Our factory working according to ISO 9001 standard.

What is your main customer category:

Our customers are mostly belong to worldwide top CMO/CDMO companies, advanced drug manufacturing companies.